Personal training in the comfort of your own surroundings and On-line. Corps Fitness & Massage also offers group cardio classes in the 3 Valleys, France.

Based in the 3 Valleys

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Change Starts With You

All it takes is the DESIRE to change, the DETERMINATION to start, and the DEDICATION to continue

It starts with signing up, you have the desire to change, you are looking to kick start your mindset , move more and realise your potential.


Once you have completed your sign up it is time to start ! you will be provided with the tools to kick start your transformation


It takes dedication, consistency and accountability, and with Claire as your driving force anything is possible


6 week Commit To Be Fit x 2 rounds

Goal : Restart  fitness after winter & lockdown

-5.5 Kgs



6 Week Commit To Be Fit

Goal : Improve posture , increase fitness, lean




6 week Commit To Be Fit

Goal : Kickstart fitness & lean out / reduce body fat

-3.6 Kgs



6 week Commit To Be Fit

Goal : reduce body fat and appear leaner




Last summer I took a leap of faith and booked myself 12 weeks of PT sessions with Claire Almond Jones (Corps Fitness & Massage). I was certain this was going to be one of the most challenging and demanding things I had ever set out to do. From the first burpee on day 1 to the last  deadlift, I can wholeheartedly say that during that 12 weeks Claire’s enthusiasm, support and encouragement went above and beyond anything I couldn’t have ever expected. Her commitment towards each client’s goals is unwavering. After our initial consultation Claire devised a rigorous training plan that not only complimented my physical ability at the time, but also brought out my more competitive streak. Claire’s programme was not a walk in the park by any means but i would finish every session feeling accomplished no matter how hard i had worked and that is testament to Claire’s ability to give every client’s session 100% of her energy.  Claire is a true believer in practicing what she preaches, seeing her own transformation inspired me to push myself in every session to the absolute max until I had nothing left. At the end of Claire’s programme I was amazed at the physical results we had achieved in such a short space of time. More importantly Claire’s programme had allowed me to transform my attitude towards food, exercise and body image. I would highly recommend Claire to anyone ready to commit to such a life changing experience and my continued voluntary participation in Claire’s group bootcamp sessions is only another testament to how much I value her as a trainer.

Charlotte O`Neill 2020


4 Week Commit To Be Fit

Goal : Kickstart fitness,  improve education on nutrition





Goal : get fitter, get stronger and move more

Gained strength

Gained confidence


6 Week Commit To Be Fit

Goal : kickstart fitness & nutrition after 6 months sedentary




1:1 PT

Goal : Improve fitness, reduce body fat

26 weeks



I joined Claire’s bootcamp for the first time last summer and from the first session I loved it.
Every class is different and challenging.
She adapts to each attendee by letting them know how to modify each exercise in order to get as much out of it as possible.
But what makes it exceptionnal is her positive energy and encouragement throughout the full hour.
She is an incredible trainer and I can’t recommend her enough!

Thank you Claire

Anna 2020

Commit To Be Fit

WEEK 1 : Tough! It’s all completely new to me so i’ve struggled a little. I’m not a big fan of doing workouts by myself so getting motivated for home workouts is hard. However I am loving it and am genuinely excited for the next 3 weeks. I’m definitely a lot more tired when it gets to the evening compared to usual, but i think my body is just adjusting to the new routine!

Week 8 : Great! Doing the workouts are now just a part of my daily routine and it feels amazing.

Carla  2020


4 week Commit To Be Fit

Goal : Improve CV and strength


-12.5 cms


6 Week Commit To Be Fit

Goal ; Feel more confident in a bikini, “tone” after lockdown

-1.6 kgms



6 week Commit To Be Fit

Goal : Prove to myself I can stick to a program and tone up

-20.5 cms

-kilos unknown


4 Week Commit To Be Fit x 2 rounds

Goal : Feel fitter, both mentally and physically

-3 kgs



After 2 months being locked down baking, eating and drinking, i had gained quite a bit of weight again and become unfit, with continuing back and knee pain.
I saw Claire advertising her 6 weeks commit to be fit and jumped straight on it. Working with Claire has given me the push to learn about my body, the food I put into my body and how to change my routine and relationship with food as well as how to fit exercise into a busy schedule. She is great at adjusting the programme to work for me as an Individual, helping choose realistic goals and giving support throughout the process to keep me motivated and on course.
My first 6 weeks was so successful I decided to add on a 2nd 6 weeks to further instil the new routine that was working for me and to begin to build up more muscle tone and continue on my fitness journey.
Claire has been amazing, she is understanding, down to earth, non judgmental, fun and motivating. but she will also give you a kick up the bum if you need it.
During my now 11 weeks I have hit 2 scale weight goals and I am so happy with the changes in not only my body, but also my mind.
As well as her commit to be fit programme I also take part in her group bootcamp sessions twice a week. Claire has developed her bootcamp sessions into a fun, varied, motivating workout session, the mixture of strength and cardio are great fun as well as hard work, you can definitely feel the burning of calories and I look forward to both sessions each week.
I will be finishing 12 weeks of commit to be fit in a week and have signed up for another 4 weeks of bootcamp and PT sessions. It’s reasonable to say, I’m addicted to commit to be fit and working out with Claire ! It’s really hard work and you really have to commit and be responsible for yourself,  but the outcome and the changes have been amazing.
Thank you Claire
Nicole 2020


‘I have been taking group ‘bootcamp’ lessons with Claire for the last year. I love her fun energy and her enthusiasm for life, her classes are social and you always end up laughing a lot. It gives me the get up and go that I need to keep motivated. She always takes care to feedback to every member of the group and comes up with new ‘fun’ ways to make us work harder!’


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