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Anna Testimonial


Anna came to me in January 2019 with a goal to feel fitter, but with no pressure of weight loss as the lifestyle she has in the winter includes socialising and enjoying food and the occasional glass of prosecco, along with visits from family and friends.  So the goals we agreed were to increase fitness and start strengthening muscles and conditioning the body.

Within 4 weeks, Anna started to see and feel the changes, these being the biggest:


  1. No knee brace for skiing
  2. No back pain skiing – in fact no back pain in general.


Anna has quite a sedentary, office based job that does involve seeing clients sometimes.  She understood the importance of posture, contrary to a large proportion of the population, for whom posture isn’t high on life’s agenda. What can I say, we slouch a lot – we like comfort!


Winter came to an end, and with it new goals were set, this time we were able to focus more on aesthetics, and dropping a few kilos.   Anna is a great client from a weight loss perspective, due to her being fully aware of the fact that the number on the scales is not the be-all and end-all. Simple weight loss without taking into body composition into account is a very poor measure of progress, and should likewise not be a good measure of your own self worth. Anna recognises that measurements are a better indicator of progress, in addition to pictures.


If the numbers on the scales didn’t alter dramatically, Anna would not get too upset as progress can, and was,set about the p seen in other ways.  So with new goals in mind and a Paul Smith bikini bought, we knuckled down with the knitty gritty of creating her revised goals.


Going forward, Anna and I decided upon two sessions per week, one focusing upon strength and another upon cardio. She added three runs per week, and started tracking her energy intake – not dieting – in so much that she began to be more mindful of the food she was eating, and tracking it. This does not mean denying herself pizza or prosecco, or even cheese and  biscuits, but focuses upon consciously being aware of the food she was eating.


The pre-holiday session arrived, whereupon measurements were taken, and a happy holiday was had. New goals were set upon her return.




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