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Now`s Not The Time …..

Now`s Not The Time …..

You do not need to come out of quarantine looking “better” then when you went into it.

At unsettling times like the coronavirus outbreak, it might feel like things are very much out of your control. Most routines have been thrown into disarray and is this the right time to start a new fitness regime ? or diet ?

Yes, and No is the answer, for some this,  time maybe an ideal time, as they have new found time on their hands that work and life may have previously taken up, they may work from home, that has freed up commuting time, but for many the answer is No, dealing with a new routine, stress of wether or not you have a job a go back to, home-schooling kids, these are pressures enough without adding the “summer body” to the list.

Instead of focussing on getting fitter, because apparently we have the time now , what we should focus on is just staying healthy.


Eating Right


Eating right during lockdown, doesn`t mean calorie counting (unless you want to) , for many stress / boredom eating will be a major thing.  To try and avoid this here are a couple of tips.

Confined in the house with a cupboard full of food it may be tempting to ease your anxiety/ stress/ boredom with your favourite comfort foods, but emotional eating can hurt you physically and mentally, according to experts from Rush University Medical Centre in Chicago.

Set a schedule : It will help stop you from going to the fridge  for an unnecessary look at what to eat, your schedule can include time set aside for work, relaxation/exercise, eating, home-schooling and video / calls  to friends and family.
Eat healthy meals: Try planning your meals and snacks, If you wait until you’re hungry to decide what you’re going to eat, you may end up eating more or choosing something higher in calories, processed and not very filling – it`s like going shopping on an empty stomach – NEVER DO IT ! biscuits love shoppers who are hungry !!!
Drink Water : Yes, this one, the boring one, Thirst occurs when your body needs water. When you do not drink enough water, your body receives mixed signals on hunger, dehydration causes you to believe you need to eat when you really need liquid intake, so drink water, tea, cordial, just take a drink and if after 20 mins you still feel hungry, then eat!

If by the end of this you leave lockdown a few lbs heavier, is it the end of the world?  NO!.  You survived a stressful period, stayed healthy, and well,  and made it through and that is amazing and you are amazing

Exercising Enough


Exercise releases chemicals in the body that make us feel good, and it’s also been linked to better sleep, reduced stress and anxiety.  Prior to the coronavirus lockdown, you may have not really partook in any exercise, maybe an hours dog walk a day, the occasional swim, so just because you are not in confinement does not mean you should be Yoga-ing every morning , doing a HIIT class 3/4 times a week – your routine should not have to change dramatically and we should not be made to feel that in confinement we should be doing something.

However, studies show that light exercise is good for us both mentally and physically, not just to get that “summer body” or post lockdown body.  If you are struggling to find motivation, ot fancy trying something, here are some tips.

Connect with others : Even in confinement you can still connect to exercise, many PT`s, yoga and pilates instructors are now on-line, going live via facebook offering free 30 mins classes, with many there is no financial commitment, they are just a way to get involved, plus you are connecting to the outside world, which is just as good for the mind and body as the exercise.

Change your mindset :The hardest thing for a lot of people when searching for that motivation to workout is how you approach it, particularly in this current climate, when to be honest making it out of bed feels like an achievement .  From someone who detests home workouts, trust me changing your mindset works. I`m a gym person, I like the environment, the being away from home, the computer, and work! it is me time, and suddenly that has been taken away in the blink of an eye, changing to working out at home took some adapting, but approaching it with a different mindset worked.

Break it down : If the thought of taking 30 ins or an hour out feels like a chore, or doesn`t fit your new schedule , You can even break your exercise time into 10 minute sections — 10 minutes in the morning, 10 in the afternoon, and 10 in the evening. Many online home workouts do not have to be done “Live” , many remain available on demand. When you’ve established that as a daily routine, then your day will be better structured as well,


If you don`t come out of quarantine with a 6-pack have you failed? NO, you got through a stressful period that is is tomorrow`s history, you are amazing and kept it together !

It is so important to remember that at a time like this, your own health and that of your families is your top priority, not learning a new language, reading all those books you promised to read, teaching yourself how to play the guitar, or get a 6-pack if you don`t want to,  or if to be honest you simply cannot be arsed ! Mentally we need to stay strong and adding pressure to an already pressurised situation helps no-one.  People learning a new language, writing the novel they always wanted to etc,  they  are dealing with things their own way and that’s fine , there is no right or wrong way to survive,  we don’t have to deal with it the same way and you’re not failing because of that.


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