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LOCKDOWN- What is it?

LOCKDOWN- What is it?

Lockdown, confinement, social distancing ….. There are many terms being bandied around , about what is happening across the world and what is rumored to be enforced in the UK, but what is it and how does it affect us currently working with the situation . 


To clarify, I am a British citizen living in France and from midday Tuesday 16th March 2020 we went into “lockdown” . When it happened there was no surprise, after Italy and Spain and Austria’s lockdowns I think we knew it was only a matter of time ! On Friday we were told gatherings were being limited to 100 people, by midnight Saturday all bars & restaurants and non essential shops were closed , then Monday 8pm the inevitable was announced ! 

What has lockdown meant for me , my family and my friends ? Firstly I’d like to reiterate we are not under house arrest, we are not barred from leaving our homes, we can still leave the house to go to the supermarket , this is still open albeit open to reduced numbers, banks and pharmacies are also still open – so no need to panic buy. Supply chains are still operating and food supplies are getting through. .


The biggest issue we have is boredom ! When you go from having freedom to do 

what you want, when you lead busy lives and some days struggle to find 5 mins for yourself to suddenly have 24 hours to fill, it’s a struggle , mentally and physically. Also finding falling asleep difficult through lack of activity through the day my body never feels quite ready to rest . What I have found to help combat the daily humdrum is create a routine !   Something maybe similar to your normal life. On waking I still take my morning coffee and sit in bed ! I then check news sites, read up in events as I normally do, then I create a “to do” list for that day, this gives my day some purpose. I start with 10k steps per day! This goal is to keep me active or at least try to stay active, the next task on the list is 45 mins workout, again something to keep me active and this is what I did daily before lockdown , so keeping my routine. I then list items such as what I want to achieve work wise, currently I’m setting up online classes so working on Zoom acc and creating programs to teach, I have a blog that I have neglected , so every other day I am to sit and write a post , I am studying still , so again my list includes time to study plus the lists include chores that I put aside for …. well never but can be done to fill time, such as the ironing, mending clothes , sorting out the junk cupboard ! 


Mentally lockdown is draining, for anyone who suffers anxiety, the whole experience could and will exacerbate the feelings, all I can say is try and stay calm, rationalise and create a daily routine . The situation could highlight and again increase feelings of depression , I’d say keep talking and try not to withdraw. Community spirit here has increased , and even though we cannot meet up for coffee, social media, what’s app and apps like Skype and zoom and FaceTime are a lifeline to the outside world. Friday night drinks have just taken place in our own homes over chat instead of in the pub. Parents are keeping kids in contact via chat on Skype and zoom as they too are feeling the isolation and a little anxious and maybe scared. My advice to anyone with children is be honest , don’t try and hide the situation , kids also need to process what is going on . 


This time will pass so long as we all act together and respect the new restrictions, social distancing is key and when we return to life as we knew it, hopefully we all emerge a little kinder and wiser ! Stay safe and look after each other , check in on those most vulnerable and those who are not! Let’s just be kind and safe to all xx




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