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No Bake Post Workout Bar

No Bake Post Workout Bar

If like me you find yourself staving after exercise but don`t want to ruin all your hard work on biscuits and crisps, here is a delicious post workout (or any time of day) snack , 4 ingredients and no baking required !.  When we work out and undertake exercise, our muscles use up their glycogen stores for fuel. This results in muscles being partially depleted of glycogen.  Some of the proteins in your muscles also get broken down and damage.  Eating the correct nutrients after exercise will help your body repair itself, and quickly.

Doing this helps your body:

Decrease muscle protein breakdown.
Increase muscle protein synthesis (growth).
Restore glycogen stores.
Enhance recovery.

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560g Dried Chickpeas (800g tinned in water)

100g Whey Protein Powder

175g Smooth Peanut Butter

150ml Maple Syrup

Optional : 100g Melted Dark Chocolate for topping


*Vegans use  Vegan Whey Powder



#1 Blend all ingredients in a blender together

#2 Smooth mixture into a baking small baking tray

#3 Chill for 4-6 hours (chill until firm to cut)

#4 Drizzle dark chocolate over bars


Store in air tight container, consume within 3-4 days

Can be frozen, defrost slowly and consume within 24 hours

Tracking calories or macros, nutrition info :

Calories per slice 185

Carbs per slice 16.4g

Fats per slice 7.6g

Protein per slice 9.8g


Info taken from recipe constructor on MFP

Ingredients scanned:

Super U chickpeas;

Skippy Peanut Butter

Decathlon Whey protein Powder

Maple Joe maple syrup




Enjoy x 


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