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On-line coaching

& why use an on-line coach?

On-line coaching

On-line coaching is when you receive your fitness and nutrition coaching from a fitness coach on-line, usually through training videos provided on a fitness app or online dashboard managed by your coach.

An online personal trainer / coach can help you reach your health and fitness goals with all the convenience of training in your own home, gym, or any other personal space. Online coaching is cost effective. Rather than booking hour-long sessions at the gym each week, online trainers can provide ongoing support as you work toward your goals.

“Through her guidance, her patience and her amazing program I have achieved more than I ever expected.”

The benefits
to online coaching

For  many the top  benefits of taking on an on-line coach is cost, and the flexibility of being able to train as and when the you wish, but what are the other benefits to taking on an on-line coach? This post is to help aid and explain the benefits of on-line coaching and why it can work for you.

Price /


Online coaching is generally more cost effective, £50 per month (core fitness price), the equivalent of £1.66 per day. Example: In areas like London, personal trainers can charge up to £200 for a one-to-one session depending on experience, whereas outside the capital some charge up to £150 per session, the average UK charge per session (45-60 mins) is £45. So taking up on-line coaching really is a cost effective way of training.

Flexibility &


You can train when you want, where you want, and if you have to change the time of training you won’t be charged for missing a session. You are not restricted to re-scheduling around your PT’s availability. Fitting training around your life and not that of your personal trainers ensures your motivation remains intact, and training does not feel forced.



Don’t get me wrong, private 1:1 training provides full accountability, however on-line coaching really makes clients face more accountability in my opinion – not just to the coach, but also themselves. With a good on-line coach, clients will be completing logs throughout their training week, which are then assessed by both the client and coach. Sometimes what may appear to have been a bad week at the start, can be turned around and become a good week reflecting after the fact.



Online programs tend to be more structured to the clients overall lifestyle and not to the coaches times that they can coach in the gym. When programming, PT’s / coaches in gyms will program for the one or two sessions that they coach, whereas on-line programs tend to plan for a week / 4 weeks / 8 weeks etc., not just the individual sessions that 1:1 trainers coach.



For me this is the BIG one: contact. With my on-line coaching program, I am always contactable. More or less 7 days a week, 12-15 hrs a day (we have all got to sleep!), via e-mail, whatsapp, social media, text and on the phone – I am always there! I will respond to clients as soon as is possible. The packages include a check in with weekly feedback, something unique to on-line coaching. When you train with a gym lead PT your only contact would tend to be during your sessions, i.e. your “paid” time.

As with life in general, one must take responsibility for their own training. As an on-line coach I can equip my clients with the tools to achieve their goals, but results will only be achieved by giving 100%. Those who are motivated and willing to put in all the effort will see far more results than those who only put in 50%… pretty much the same with everything in life.


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