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Breakfast! The most important meal of the day? Some may say, some may not.  For me personally, it is the most important meal: I am an eater, and I think of food from the moment I wake to the moment I sleep. Even then, I think I dream of eating! For this line of work I need fuel, and this starts with a good breakfast. Now more than ever at the start of perimenopause, where the  transition to menopause and beyond is kicking in, and the hormone oestrogen is beginning to decline.

What suited me breakfast wise in 20’s & 30’s no longer passes muster, and I find a bowl of coco-pops or a breakfast bar no longer cuts the satiety mustard or so to speak. I need foods that work with the changes that my body is experiencing, my changing moods and energy levels etc.

Incorporating dairy products, healthy fats, whole grains, fruits and phytoestrogens at breakfast is helping to relieve some of the symptoms I experience, setting me up for the day.

What suited me in my 20’s and
30’s no longer passes muster.

My go to breakfast when working is overnight oats. It is a “grab & go” option that I prep in the evening and pop in the fridge so that I know it`s ready to grab and eat before heading to my clients in the morning. My pots are generally layered with natural yogurt, oats, a spattering of seeds, and fresh or frozen berries. It`s filling, it`s fresh and it`s quick, which for many people is important at breakfast, given our hectic morning routines!

At the weekend, with the help of a little more time (especially summer / sunny weekends!) I love a smoothie bowl. Again, these provide me with nutrients that can ease symptoms, addressing a number of nutrients that tend to affected by a decline in oestrogen. Made using natural yogurt, blended with fresh berries, these bowls are a treat for the eyes as well as the body. topped Add extra fruit to garnish the top, such as banana or blueberries, and with a sprinkle of nuts and seeds. The result is a breakfast that is high in the satiety stakes, and that provides your body with plenty of healthy fats and vitamins, with berries for phytoestrogens.

*For vegan diets, soy yogurt works well with overnight oats and smoothie bowls.


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